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YanaLiao [userpic]

I've transferred!!!

February 21st, 2013 (04:02 pm)

Hi followers, I dunno who you are, may you be a friend or a foe, a silent reader of my blog, I'm pleased to announce that I've transferred to a new home!!!

Here's the new link: http://mrjfantasy.blogspot.com/

This is where I'll continue sharing my fangirl experiences.

See you guys there :)

yanaliao/jerrydezstalker signing out.

YanaLiao [userpic]

Merry Christmas to my LJ

December 25th, 2010 (03:02 am)

Tampo na si LJ ko, I have been naughty, I went to FB for spazzin', I went to twitter for more spazzin' and tumbr for a bloggin'... My new year's resolution will be... to update my LJ again.

Lotsa angst, hatred, love, fear, frustrations and emotional roller coaster that made my LJ so stressed, I missed my LJ. I will update you, I promise.

Lotsa Love,
Yana <3 mwah <3


YanaLiao [userpic]

Jielun <3

December 24th, 2010 (03:05 pm)


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YanaLiao [userpic]

A Beyond the Era Experience, Jay Chou Part 1

September 25th, 2010 (04:07 am)

current location: Bahay nila Achie
current mood: Awake
current song: Superman Can't Fly- Jay Chou

I know it's my 2nd time going to Jay's concert this year. I'm pretty much un-excited myself on this trip. I just thought it'll be a very ordinary concert, with Jay singing and I singing along, he maybe noticing that there's a feilubin banner, or maybe not.

I booked PAL flight 8pm bound to HK, surprisingly, we changed our flight when I learned that Jacky Cheung is going to Taipei on the same date we're arriving HK. It was a chance to meet him again. 540AM is our flight to HK via Cebu Pacific, we thought after landing at HKIA, we'll just hang around and not go through immigration at once. We planned to find the boarding gates for 3 different possible flights for CX bound to Taipei. For being so smart alecky, I forgot that we had to go to the 2nd floor to get to the departure area and there's no way we can enter the transfer flight area 'coz we don't have any tix to show... neh? So we spent a lousy 1 hour just figuring out how to get out of immigration and to the 2nd floor. AFter which, Dichie went ahead while me and achie pushed our oh-so-many luggage bound 2nd floor. We checked the check-in counter for CX flight, there are two check-in lanes, B and C. I asked achie to go through C while I check for dichie if she's in B. I saw dichie's back, I made a 'pssst...' sound and she was frantic to see me, she was pointing at the opposite direction where I saw Ms. Flora Chan (Jacky's manager) I alerted achie at the other side and we stood by waiting for Mr. CHeung.

AFter almost 20 minutes, we saw Mr. Cheung's assistant Ah-Fai and he said "GOod Morning" to us. THen we greeted him as well and saw Mr. Cheung talking on the phone. I thought the phone was quite 'bading' coz it's pink, then I realized he was talking to another fan... tsk... Jacky values all his fans talaga... Anyhoo, he saw us and waved and smiled. Then I heard him say where are we going to take pictures? WHile the other fans were taking turns taking pics with him, DIchie and Me were talking w/ Ah-fai asking him to bring the goodies to Taiwan and back. :) He was about to reject the idea but finally gave in. He was asking: "Where's Mr. Cheung's?" So funny he calls Jacky Cheung Mr. Cheung. xD AFter that, we were a bit stressed as we guard our luggage and tried to squeeze in ourselves w/ Mr. Cheung. Conversation was a bit scarce that time 'coz there's a lot of fans around, but achie managed to do another stupid thing by calling Mr. Cheung "Tai Lou". That's how we call him but it was never meant to be called personally when you're in front of him. Tai lou in cantonese literally means big brother, it evolved and now it means 'big boss of a gang'. He responded as well and said: "I haven't been called 'tai lou' for a while now..." hahaha...

After meeting Mr. Cheung, we ate at Ajisen while waiting for Auntie Bia and Yam. :)

Gifts for Jielun and the others
I was able to successfully give our gifts to the staff and Jielun. We even saw them bring it to the venue, nice of them. :)

Got our wonderful tickets
First night for us, 9/18/2010-- Seat numbers: Row BC Seat# 90, 91, 92, 93, 86, 87, 88, 89
I can't believe the tickets I got. I won't divulge how I got it, but it's just meant to be for us. FEI LU BIN Friends!!!

Entered the Blue gate, I was sweating and trying not to look excited. I kept showing our tickets to the ushers just in case I went far too down the coliseum. But it seems like a our descend never ended. We went further further down until I can see vividly the speakers, the whole stage, the musical instruments and everything onstage. WE were literally screaming for JOY. What did I do to deserve this? It was months of painstaking emails... I hope Jielun was able to feel our love and support for him. The gifts worth nothing compared to the support we're giving to him. Personally, I wanted to let him know that it's not the looks, it's not the diao moves that made me like him as a fan. It was what he's living up for and his good influence that gave hope to every youth. He is one good person, he really is.

As the concert started, we sang along like there's no tomorrow. He started with the song "Long Zhan Qi Shi" (Dragon Rider); Followed by "Beyond Era" (Kua Shi Dai); "Snake Dance" (She Wu) w/ Lara then "Love before AD" (Ai Zai Xi Yuan Qian) w/ the cool Beatbox; Hiphop Hostess (XI Ha KOng JIe); Then the song "William's CAstle" (Wei Lian Gu Bao) then "I'm Not Worthy" (Wo Bu Pei); A series of piano songs: Dao Xiang, Yang Guang Zhai Nan, Long Juan Feng and Yan hua yi leng; THen he sang a duet with Cindy "An Jing"; Of course there's Mr. Magician then my favorite "Free Promotional Videos"; "Time Machine" where he started singing on the big screen tube, very nice... "Dad I'm Back", "It rained the whole night"; "A Diary of Love waiting to Fly"; Then our all time favorite-- Jian Dan Ai. Mr. Eric Tsang as guest who sang "CHrysanthemum Stage" and "Yan Hua Yi Leng"; Then a few more songs Yi Fu Zhi Ming (In the name of the father); Ke Ai Nu Ren (Adorable Girl)--love this song; Give me a song's moment; Dong Feng Po and then the last song Nunchucks (Shuang Jie Gun).

Enumerating those songs seem like he sang a lot, but for us, we were hoping the night wouldn't end and he sings more than we expect.

The Highlight of the concert
Jay started singing 'Tornado' or 'Long Juan Feng' he was mumbling something in English! If you're a Jay fan, you know very well that he doesn't speak in English in such spontaneous manner. We were so surprised he did that. He was saying: "Next song is (Slowly... siu siu dek slowly... Slow song love song... 3...4...)

You think it will end just like that when...

Jay: Are you from HK?
Fan: I'm from Taipei
Jay: Taipei (In English Accent)
Jay: Okay how about Japan? Oh we have many Japanese friends here... Hello! My Cantonese is very poor but you don't understand so that's okay...
Jay: Today... Aiyo...tsk...hey... that banner, what's written in that? Philippines!!! (whoa) Fei-lu-bin ...Language... that I can't speak... But it doesn't matter, what matters most is we're all happy, right? My fans are not bounded by nationality, every country united together, that is because music is our best language... whoa!!! So if my English is not good, it doesn't matter now, 'coz I can still shoot the Green Hornet... 'coz I'll dub it all again later on... (cold joke)... Kidding aside, I've been practicing my English diligently... I know HK has many good English schools so today, I won't speak in English, alright? THe next song is: TIme Machine

I felt proud yet scared when Jay mentioned us. It's practically suicidal mentioning Philippines in front of 8000 HK people. Not that the hostage scene was our fault but we were indirectly a part of that crime scene 'coz it was held here in the Philippines. The word is "Da dan" Meaning very daring that one doesn't feel it matters to others as long as it matters to him. He suddenly became our Hero, the one who called out to us... 'FEI LU BIN' a very very clear and proud 'FEI LU BINnnnnn...'

For 3 hours, we were singing along with Jay, that's why after the concert, we lost practically all our voices :( But this kind of experience is just too good to be feeling sorry for our voices, the only regret that I have is that I wasn't able to convince the best of my jay fangirl buddies to watch this AWESOME, INCOMPARABLE CONCERT.

September 19, 2010-- Our Last night... Row BB Seat no. 90, 91 and 92
It was the 2nd Row.
I saw everything about Jielun. I was focused to how he sings, how he moves and how funny he looks when upclose. His guest was Nanquan Mama. He was full of funny stints inside him that I can't stop laughing.

There was one funny story he was telling, it goes:
Jay: Ngo Hai Pin Ko (Who am I)
Crowd: Zhou Jie Lun
Jay: No, you have to answer Tsi So Hai Bin To (Where's the toilet) 'coz it rhymes. Right? It does rhyme!
Jay: Then I'll answer, Ngo m tsi dou (I don't know)
Jay: So when I ask Ngo Hai Pin ko, you have to answer Tsi so hai bin to, then I'll reply with Ngo m tsi dou... Just three sentences: Ngo hai pin ko, tsi so hai bin to, ngo m tsi to...

I was trying to hold my camera to stop it from shaking 'coz I was giggling so much. He is doing quite well with his hosting stuff. I believe he's preparing himself for that new variety show that's why he kept on putting up jokes in front of the audience.

Another one was that he was introducing Nan Quan Mama:
Jay: You know who was my guest before you guys came here? Jacky Cheung (wow); ERic Tsang (Wow) then... eooonkk... Nan Quan Mama (Whose that?) *JIelun was trying to insult NANQUAN MAMA...*

But Nanquan mama were not easily defeated by this insult...
NQMM: You know, we also called someone to be your guest, someone by the name "Cai Tong Xue" (That's how Jay calls Jolin). Look, that girl in the middle row looks like Cai Tong Xue, doesn't she??? Oh I can even invite Patty Hou if you like...
Jay: alright enough enough.... (Cutting Nqmm... this is quite funny...)

During Jian Dan Ai, we tried to give him our small flower which he didn't bother to get. Maybe he was so shy 'coz he is a man after all. What we did is put it at the center stage as he sang Jian Dan Ai, then I took a picture of it, quite a lonely bouquet haphazardly lying on the stage... When the song ended, a securestar took it from the stage and god knows where it went. :(

He sang Hei Se Mao Yi tonight in replacement of Wo Bu Pei. Quite nice though and he even sang Hei Se YOu Mo, thank god I've been waiting for this song 'coz it's the one he sang in Taipei.

Then, after the last song Nunchucks. Everybody was still shouting for an Encore, he came out with an additional Song Qi Li Xiang and Mr. Chou (Zhou Da Xia). The night ended as we took off the venue with heavy feet and heart. It was our last night... Such a memorable night.

September 21, 2010-- Jielun!!! Babay Jay!
Those were my last words to Jielun. After I went to get my signed CD Covers courtesy of a friend, we stood for 3 more hours under the rain at the Yellow Gate. People passed by, Ju pao, dan tou and some dancers... we stood there 'til Jay came up at around 5pm. Two vans came by and the other van blocked our view from Jielun. THe only consolation was, when I shouted 'Jielun' he waved his arms as he walked through the entrance. It was our last chance to say goodbye jielun... until we meet again. :(

YanaLiao [userpic]


August 5th, 2010 (01:15 am)

current location: SenaMan
current mood: system=puke
current song: Beyond Era- Jay Chou

Since the start of the year, I managed to gain two great friends at work. We crack at jokes only we understood. We had such great times amidst some differences... of culture, of thinking and approach in life.

MONEY Makes your world go round, right? Yes. You can go AROUND the world; You can beat AROUND the bushes; You can make anything go ROUND with just a few Ninoys... stuff like that.

Well, I am a hypocrite if I say I don't like Money, who here doesn't? But I don't love it too much that I can sell one of my dearest friends, even if the relationship just lasted for 7 months now? I think...

To cut the story short, someone lost a love one on the 2nd week and then lost lots of her belongings 2 weeks after. It was tragic. But we were there for her. It's just like after she had that traumatic experience of losing every material thing, it came to us that from the looks of it, she looked more depressed losing her things over her brother. Anyway, not to judge her, but that's just what I thought, well... A friend and I thought...

I won't go into detail but just 2 days ago, we had this appraisal meeting and our manager called us both and questioned us why we were questioning the Overtime of other people and yet we can't keep our error rates below the margin. That we instead of pinpointing people, being jealous over people, we should mind what we are doing. Yes. Sampal yon. But then, we see how our ex-friend take the opportunity of doing so much OTs that I swear I know our manager didn't keep track of. We were off peak during June for godsakes but she was partying with OVERTIME. That's why she was robbed during a saturday 'coz she was doing OT. I know we're not suppose to complain about it but whatthefuck if the finance division knew about this unnecessary OT, it might affect us as well. But of course, there's limit to everything we say to our manager since we know something he doesn't know but we can't tell him 'coz it will be a major foul. He still insists that the OTs are fine and we are allowed to do OTs, even if our native languages are already not on queue. We shall help Hyderabad with the English files. Ok fine, that's not what we asked for but it's what you insist, fine. We'll join the bandwagon, so OT here we come. We'll see how long this unnecessary ot will last.

THe nerve of that friend to throw the blame on the two of us, just because we know everything about her. She's feeding her bf and sending him off to school. There you go~ And I wish you happiness on your wedding on August. When did he propose? ooopss... I forgot, he didn't. You just wanted to get married 'coz nobody helped you during your darkest days. Wow... so what did Ms. Norway do while you stayed in her condo while your apartment was still under investigation? (THIS PARAGRAPH IS INTENDED TO BE READ IN FULL SARCASM). x.X

As for the team, goodluck, we'll see the outcome of this so called legal OT after a few weeks. We became the bad guys. Okay, fair enough. Then let us be the bad guys while we were concerned about the company's reaction on the OTs our team are having. People talk, and someone's almost in danger, he's not a perfect manager but he's a people manager, at least down to earth maybe? But because some people abuse his kindness and leniency, he doesn't realize that he's burying himself deep.

We turned out to be jealous, nosy and bitches. Thanks so much for the compliment.

Needless to say, it's obvious that...

Friendship is over, Maya. Hope your money saves you from your depression.

Sad to say.

A Quote for you:
Money can buy us anything, but then, you have to check if you're still left with those which money can't buy.

YanaLiao [userpic]

One month after...

July 12th, 2010 (09:40 pm)

current location: SenaMan
current mood: Loner... lolz
current song: Random SMAP songs

One month after...
Sitting in my own SENAman,
Hoping that I'll be able to compose a new entry after my superb fangirling experience with Jay's Concert.
I think my mind is still blank.

YanaLiao [userpic]

The Amazing Taiwan Race Jun 12-13, 2010

June 21st, 2010 (11:58 pm)

current location: Manila
current mood: up... two...three... four...
current song: Time Machine- Jay Chou

What: Taipei, Taiwan
When: June 12-13, 2010
Why: Jay Chou's concert + First timers off to Taipei
Cast: Me, Chinggu, Joli, Terry, Julie & Friends, My officemates Maya and Justine
What really happened: Amazing Race!!!

Aiyo… 1st Day is for Jay ChouCollapse )

Jay Chou- The Era Concert June 12, 2010Collapse )

Mahal Kita- Vanness for today~Collapse )

Danshui in distress --> Going home~Collapse )


YanaLiao [userpic]

Listen to your mum!

May 8th, 2010 (11:58 pm)

current location: Asuncion
current mood: thoughtful
current song: Listen to your mum- Jay Chou

Had a chance to be with my birth mom this Mother's day.
So... here's something for all ya moms out there! Listen to your mom~

YanaLiao [userpic]


May 4th, 2010 (11:58 pm)

current location: Somewhere between DWL and LV
current mood: Content
current song: Lalalala Love Song- TOshinobu Kubota

As Love Generation has taught us that TRUE LOVE NEVER RUNS SMOOTH, Down With Love will teach us HOW TO TREASURE TRUE LOVE WHILE IT'S STILL WITHIN OUR GRIP~

I missed posting news and updates about Jerry. It's one thing that I seldom forget during the early days of my passion for F4, I was really updated back then. But suddenly, things really kinda turn the other way and I got bored waiting... Yes. I was a bad fan, but in reality, who really waits for an artist who suddenly doesn't do anything for 2 years then come back again with still a lot of heartwarming people surrounding him in the airports, in his events and the likes. He's just one and he has this unique charisma that I don't know why I or many of us still can't get over him after 6 years.

Anyway, after Meteor Garden, I wasn't really that satisfied on the results of his project turn out. I just thought they were some overrated series like "The Hospital" and "Hot Shots", I like the storyline of THe Hospital but I thought it was just too heavy to watch over and over again. Jerry wasn't himself that time, I didn't like it that much. In Hotshots, lousy ending, lousy script in the end, I like the funny parts with Show Luo but other than that, the story sucks. Starlit was good, I had a good feeling about that series but I never heard Taiwan making a big fuss over that series ever again...

Here comes Down With Love. Honestly, I was thinking it might be Ella who will assist Jerry in pulling off his comedy side. Because after watching Hotshots, I realized Jerry doesn't know how to act comic, I saw one NG that Show even taught him the "kiss" during the "dream wedding" and he just imitated that. That being said, I don't want Jerry fans throwing rotten tomatoes at me, it's just an observation. He's not perfect :) So let's be impartial about this thing and move on to my main topic.

Maybe I've watched so much Kimura Takuya Jdorama that I felt their storylines were too shallow. I mean, hey, what's HERO's story compared to Down With Love right? They're both lawyers but HERO focused more on the cases and Down With Love focused more on the Love Story part. In HK series, they would've done both, and I was expecting that. Anyway, I shouldn't expect too much out of it.

Down with love is a mix of Drama, Comedy and a common love story that has always been the storyline of every single Taiwan Drama Series. What's the difference? Jerry is there. Yes. I wouldn't even dare to watch this kind of cheesy story if not for Jerry. You see, sometimes, the world must evolve in having a perfect match, then the arguement and someone meddles in whom the perfect guy won't realize that he likes her already until she's going on a date with some other guy. In the end, the other perfect half wants her other half back but too it's late. The perfect guy already fell deeply in love with the imperfect girl thus leading to a series of traumatic brouhaha that caused pain to the imperfect girl and it involved the perfect guy's best friend. That's somehow the gist of this series, life goes on after getting crazy over a character's dishonesty so as to protect the other character which leads us to the conclusion that the ending will be a big wedding for the perfect guy and the imperfect gal.

I won't discuss the details in here 'coz I'd rather you guys watch the series, something to spice up this entry, I've screen capped a few funny scenes in hope that you'll pick up the interest in watching the series too~ ^^

Jerry's facial expressions in this series is out of the ordinary. How God has created such cute expression for a certain individual is like the question of Evolution vs Creation to me~ but hey, he's one damn beautiful Adam and one hunky Ape. Anyway, excuse my French but I really have to include the word DAMN 'coz no word can explain how CUTE he looked in every scene that I've watched in this series. Is there another word for CUTE? Adorable maybe... no... So it's gonna be CUTE... KAWAII... KE AI... KO TSUI... HO NGOI and the other cute languages all of you can come up with~ CUTE.

The Facial Kawaii ExpressionsCollapse )

More of Jerry's funny faces...Collapse )

Jerry never fails to make me love him even more. With the connection between Down with Love and Long Vacation, who says Fangurling isn't as sweet as it should be. When two fandoms collide, you'll just go ... and ... ~~~ Then *fuck di nga?*
Long Vacation scene...Collapse )

That was my first reaction. "Totoo ba 'to?" (Is this for real?) I mean what the...???
For the nth time, I truly believe that I AM PRACTICALLY DOING THE LONG VACATION MOTTO
and For the nth time, I believe one day, IMMA BUY THAT DAMN REGION 2 DVD!!!

Discussing Minami in front of Yang Guo was just one thing that made me go wild at 4am in the morning. Since I wasn't able to catch the 10pm broadcast, I asked my dearest supportive achie to wake me up at 3am to watch Down With Love. To hear Xiang Yu Ping say that he believes that taking a long vacation after having such difficulties in life is such a superb idea. It almost came from Jerry himself and not his character Xiang Yu Ping. Maybe it's just my imagination but I wanted to think that Jerry has made himself used to being a celebrity and has shaken off everything that's been pressuring him since day 1 of his MG days. After watching this series, I realized that Jerry's starting to become happy, and I hope it's not just in those scenes but also in real life.

I dunno how to describe this 'kilig' feeling that's been all over me since I finished watching DWL, but you know what, it is a feel-good series. It's almost like even if I don't want to get married, I'll want to, just to be Yang Guo for once~ ^_~

"Is that a proposal?"

'coz I just wanted to rely on you~ Xiang Yu Ping.

YanaLiao [userpic]

The Diao Contest

May 2nd, 2010 (12:23 am)

current location: Asuncion
current mood: crazy
current song: Superman Cannot Fly- Jay Chou

Join our Pick 10 Classic Songs of Jay Chou that you think he will sing during the concert.

FOllow this link for the mechanics!


This contest starts on May 1, 2010 and will end on June 1, 2010

Jay Chou Concert Merchandise awaits you!

41 days 'til the Concert proper...

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